Monday, August 29, 2011

Community Love and Quality Food

We are excited and pleased about our local churches bringing together people to enjoy lunch and discussions.  
I was sitting with Irene she lives in the homless community off the North Bank.  We talked about her life and what her future holds for her.
She is only 51 years old and still is pretty and well groomed.
I asked her about the homeless children that I may be able to help with art therpy.  Irene told me that was a good idea.  Irene is willing to introduce me to the familys. 

Looking forward giving art therpy to the less fortunate!!
Please volunteer if possible. telephone 541 469 5152
Hugs       Lea Ray

Trays of distinction and personality

Setember 19,2011-1:30
Seaview Assisted living, Gerlach dr. Brookings,Oregon 97415
Activity floor.

Public invited to join us, must telephone 541 469 5152 2 days before event.  We would like to make sure we have plenty of extra craft items to enjoy.

Donations appreciated.     Lea Ray and Ginny Cox